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Speed riding school in Chamonix

Our speed riding school awaits you !

When winter approaches, time comes to start thinking about speed riding and plan your rides in Chamonix. Skiing fast and flying close to the ground, as one with those manoeuvrable and fun little wings, speed flying is bound to become your new winter passion. The numerous ski resorts throughout the Chamonix valley are perfectly suited for it. Taking advantage of Lionel’s years of knowledge as a high mountain guide, you will be able to ride in an sublime environment of perfect snow and breathtaking vistas. We strive to offer you the best and will always welcome you with warmth, kindness and personalised attentions.

Any good off-piste skier is capable of speed riding

Rates & Insurance Speed riding in Chamonix

A typical day on the slopes " the discovery day "

Tour Balme station in the Chamonix valley.

9h15 - 9h30 : the group gathers at the base Charamillon’s cable-car. Insurance, registration and equipment are checked. Each participant is then provided with a wing, harness, radio, helmet, arva, …

Then it is up to the slopes where, after about 20 minutes of covering the basics, each student is off and away with his speed riding gear while still being guided over the radio by his instructor. From the get go, everyone gets in into the action and is able to enjoy those fun little wings that prove easy to handle (if one heedfully listens to the wing prep briefing that is !!!) . After a short lunch break, the group goes at it once more.

No formal theory classes. For Caroline, it is by doing something that one learns it the best. 16h00 signals the end of the class. Everyone is beat, but we all want to keep going ! This is such a blast … everyday packed with fun and excitement !

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