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Tandem Paragliding Aiguille du Midi

altitude 3842m flight for experts only 2/1/20 to 6/30/20 - 9/1/20 to 9/30/20
+ 49,50 € one way ticket up to Aiguille du Midi *
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+ 33 (0) 6 08 23 92 65 7/7 from 8H to 20H
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EXTREME! 30 to 50 minutes of flight time

This tandem flight from the Aiguille du Midi takes you to the world of the high-mountain.
The experience is simply breathtaking. Roped to your guide and wearing crampons, you will hike the Aiguille du Midi’s snow ridge down to the takeoff site which will be selected depending on the wind conditions. The flight over the Vallée Blanche’s glaciers and the Aiguilles de Chamonix dressed in their magnificent robes of granit is a perpetual rapture
Caution: this is a difficult flight and the weather conditions play a big part in its feasibility.
Contact us before offering it as a gift card

(*) one way ticket up to Aiguille du Midi €49,50 or Mont Blanc Unlimited pass

Option Photos & videos

Your journey will be filmed using a GoPro HD camera attached to a selfie stick. A great way to relive the sensations and emotions you experienced during your flight. As soon as we touch down, we’ll give you the 8GB SD card containing the raw footage of your adventure


High Thrills option

You enjoy the adrenaline rush and want more of it during your flight.

This option is made for you: exhilarating quivers guarantied.


Piloting option

You would like to know more about the basics in paraglider piloting and actively participate : we « give you » the controls and by following our
instructions, you will fly the glider. So much fun and so easy; you’ll see.


Preparation for your Paragliding flight

Weather conditions play in big part in whether this flight will be feasible or not ; it is not that often that we takeoff from the Aiguille du Midi. The high altitude winds and deep unpacked snow that sometimes prevent us from taking off are also what make this flight so precious. For you to experience this flight will demand that you remain on call until the proper conditions come about.

You have a question ?

Check our FAQ to find the answers to your questions, or feel free to contact us

meeting place

At booking, we will agree on a meeting time.

We will join up at the base of the Aiguille du Midi’s cable car, next to the ticket booths.
Address: 100 place de l'Aiguille du Midi  74400 Chamonix - France

You can get there by foot from city centre
Parking is available close by at Parking du Grépon




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